happybeagleBeagle911 recommends obedience training for your dog – why is that?

Most dogs available through rescue groups have not had the easiest life. Many have been ignored, abused, or just not treated kindly. They need a lot of love, but they also need training. Beagles are great pack animals, and as such are more comfortable in an environment where there are rules, and leaders. Obedience training can help you establish a good working relationship with your dog as well as teaching him/her the basic rules of being a good pet.  Training can also help reduce some unwanted behaviors (such as toy guarding and aggression), and just make life easier by having a well-behaved dog. AND, the obedience classes also provide the attending humans with a much better understanding of their new family member, and how they need to relate to the situation. People training is an absolute good part of obedience training.

The Mt. Nittany Dog Training Club in State College offers various classes in obedience, including Rescue 101, a one-on-one training session geared towards adopted dogs and any specific behavior issues that need to be addressed. These sessions are scheduled by request. Beginners classes and other, more advanced classes are offered periodically. Click here to check out their schedule.

For more information or about any specific questions and problems you would like to address, email Trainer.